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Career Coach Kelly A. Flutey

Kelley A. Fluty is a Professional Development Coach and Business Consultant passionate about helping Catholics, from college students to C-suite executives, turn their values into tangible actions.

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  • A free 60-minute coaching session with YCP's Career Coach* ($100 value)
  • Resources and recommendations customized to your needs
  • Access to highly discounted optional follow-up meetings (paid by the member directly)
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Forums are member communities of like-minded Catholics committed to helping you build the life you really want. These confidential peer advisory groups offer the insight and support you need to achieve your personal, professional, and spiritual goals.

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Career Coach Kelly A. Flutey

Kelley A. Fluty is a Professional Development Coach and Business Consultant passionate about helping Catholics, from college students to C-suite executives, turn their values into tangible actions.

What's included with your membership:

  • A free 60-minute coaching session with YCP's Career Coach* ($100 value)
  • Resources and recommendations customized to your needs
  • Access to highly discounted optional follow-up meetings (paid by the member directly)
  • YCP First Coaching Session (FREE members offer)

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spiritual hotline

Are you unsure how to go deeper in your spiritual life? Or are you looking for someone knowledgeable to answer your faith questions? Get quick faith answers from a priest or nun who’s only a phone call away.

Usually most free in the evenings after 6:30 EST. Text her to set up a time to talk!

  • (859) 381-7578

Sr. Mary Faustina, SJW

I grew up in Colorado loving God, family, and outdoor activities. After graduating college, I thought I knew what would make me happy and I explored several professions where I could travel, make money, and have time off for family and friends. When none of these brought me the fulfillment I was seeking, I started looking at religious life. After talking with and visiting several communities, I found God calling me to be a religious sister with the Sisters of St Joseph the Worker. I made my profession of vows in 2006. I have been the administrator of our nursing home, Taylor Manor, since 2011.

Sr. Mary Faustina, SJW

Accepts email, text, or calls. Let her know you are from YCP!

  • 859-912-4405

Sr. Patricia Jean, SJW

When I was growing up I was taught by the Benedictine Sisters from Atchison, Kansas. In high school, I was taught by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. After graduation I went to a Jesuit College for two years before entering the convent. I was blessed to have been surrounded by good priests and sisters all my young life, and because of this I wanted to follow in their footsteps of dedicating myself to the Lord. They were an inspiration to me. When I was 21 years old I entered the Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker. I came to know them through the sodality I belonged to in my parish. Our pastor would take us to different convents all over the country in the summertime to experience religious life first hand. I knew I wanted to teach, wear a black and white religious habit, and live in a community that wasn’t so big that I wouldn’t know all the sisters. In 1977 our group visited such a community in Walton, Kentucky. The sisters had an elementary school and nursing home. They wore a black and white habit and they were a small, family-like group. In 1978 I asked to come back by myself for two weeks and on September 15, 1978, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, I entered the community. I am the second oldest of eight children, four boys and four girls. I finished my education degree while in the convent, then went on to finish my masters, followed by a principal certification. Most of my 37 years of teaching have been in the first and second grades. For five of those years however, I was assigned to teach religion in a high school, and then was assigned as a principal for eleven years. Currently I am teaching 2nd and 6th graders religion while working as vocation director for our community. I am also teaching Adult RCIA members in our parish church. I like the outdoors, especially working in the garden. I enjoy sports of all sorts. If you type “nun playing football in Philadelphia” in Google, you can see the tape someone made of me playing catch in the street while waiting for the arrival of Pope Francis. My favorite saying is “I shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Sr. Patricia Jean, SJW

Email Fr. Nathaniel to get started. Let him know you're from YCP!


Fr. Nathaniel Haslam, LC

Fr. Nathaniel Haslam was ordained a Catholic priest in the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ in Rome in 2010. He is an RPI graduate with bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a minor in mechanical engineering. While working for Xerox, he planned to found his own Fortune 500 company before God called him to the priesthood. During his 12 years of priestly training, he received degrees in both philosophy and theology as well as founded the “International Leadership Semester,” a certified leadership study abroad program at “European University of Rome”. He also helped organize and coordinate the first ever Vatican Executive Summit in which world economic leaders were invited to discuss a global ethics strategy to respond to the economic crisis in 2009. Living in Houston for 8 years, Fr Nathaniel has assisted at parishes such as St. John Vianney, St. Cecilia, Epiphany, Prince of Peace, and St. Anthony of Padua. He has served as the National Corporate Ethics Advisor for the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as well as a chaplain for the Lumen Institute for business leaders. Fr Nathaniel enjoys helping leaders bridge Sunday-into-Monday through one-to-one life coaching and small group gatherings.

Fr. Nathaniel Haslam, LC

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YCP Store

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Ascension Press

Ascension’s mission is to present the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith as the path to a fulfilled life and authentic happiness. We share valuable resources, create powerful media, and build communities to answer the longings of the human heart with the transformative power of the Gospel.

Use code YCP@ASCENSION for 15% off your total purchase - limit 1 per person. Expires 12/31/23.

Sophia Institute Press

Whether you need to improve your prayer life or receive the strength to resist the devil, we have a faithfully Catholic book to meet your spiritual needs

Use code YCP35 to get 35% off The Better Part, a four-volume set of Gospel reflections by Fr. John Bartunek.

Drinking with the Saints

Michael Foley has written the books Drinking with the Saints, Drinking with Your Patron Saints, and Drinking with Saint Nick. Raise your spirits and toast the saints.

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Monk Manual

The Monk Manual is a daily system designed for peaceful being and purposeful doing. Drawing from best practices in psychology, productivity, and spiritual growth, the Monk Manual is a planner designed to help you live a full(er), more integrated life.

Use code YCP. It will apply 10% off from all orders at


Busy people need workouts that help them stay fit without requiring too much time or energy. That’s what sets Ocinator apart. Our priority is helping you stay fit with as little effort on your part as possible.

Use code ycpfit to get 75% off and get instant fitness results right from your office!

Guadalupe Roastery

Guadalupe Roastery directly sources green coffee beans from farmers in Nicaragua in an effort to raise their income. They have helped fund a home for the farmers, a literacy program for the community, and a chicken co-op in Nicaragua. Enjoy your coffee, change the world. It’s that simple!

Use code YCP23 to get 20% off on all products, including subscriptions, which help this great organization! Code expires 12/31/23 at 11:59pm central time.

31Four Artisan Jewelry

31Four Artisan Jewelry tells sacred stories in the language of handcrafted jewelry. The goal of our studio is to create incredibly special pieces for our customers who want to incorporate their faith into jewelry that is both beautiful and practical.

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Libertas is a Catholic-inspired adventure brand, podcast, and content resource, especially crafted for the truth-seeking masculine heart.

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Totally Catholic Tees

TOTALLY CATHOLIC TEES has been in the t-shirt business for more than 20 years. We are family-owned and operated and are dedicated to spreading the Gospel through our apparel. Our shirts are made with the highest quality and tend to start meaningful conversations. The fact that they are comfortable is only a bonus. Preach the Gospel, and sometimes use a Catholic T-shirt.  

Use code YCP15 for 15% off.

Avail Capital

Have you recently begun a for- or non-profit startup, or are you thinking about doing so? Do you believe that your mission has the potential to change the world, but don’t know how to get off the ground? If so, the team at Avail Capital would love to help you achieve your goals. We offer a suite of business incubation services geared towards for- and non-profit startups including capital raising/fundraising coaching, strategic planning consulting, marketing/branding services, and networking. We currently offer a 15% discount for YCP members, so reach out to us today at!

Tepeyac Leadership Initiative (TLI)

Tepeyac Leadership Initiative (TLI) is a leadership development program for Catholic professionals in the early to mid-stages of their career. We are a 5-month (one-time) catalyst experience designed to help Catholic professionals become influential leaders in civil society. TLI can help take your career to the next level, while becoming a more effective virtuous leader, supporting the mission of the Church, influencing the culture, and serving the common good. Learn about our vision for a faithful and committed laity, equipped, willing, and able to lead and influence civil society with the values of the Gospel. YCP paying members use discount code YCP2023 to get $200 off the cost of tuition after successful admission to TLI (not to be used in combination with scholarships).

Interview Focus

The best way to ace an online job interview is to practice, and the best practice is through the mock interview platform: This cloud-based web application uses state-of-the-art technology to immediately determine your scores and recommendations on soft skills like eye contact with the interviewer, head engagement, speaking rate, and filler-word usage. As a result of taking the mock interview of 12-15 questions, you will improve your self-confidence and reduce your nervousness regarding interviews.

Compass Catholic Ministries

Compass Catholic Ministries teaches Biblical financial principles from an authentically Catholic viewpoint. Pope Francis has said, “Money has to serve, not rule.” The Compass Catholic courses help people escape from the consumerism of modern culture and find peace and contentment in the Lord as they learn and apply financial principles from the Bible.

Pietra Fitness

Our Mission at Pietra Fitness is to help people increase their faith, health, and well-being through stretching & strengthening exercises paired with Catholic prayer & meditation.  Our goal is to develop strength of mind, body, and soul so that we may glorify God with our entire human person.

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Launched in 2018, Hallow is the #1 Catholic app in the App Store and features audio-guided prayer, meditation, mental health, music, scripture, athletic, and sleep content. Hallow currently has been downloaded by 8.5M+ users and this Ash Wednesday, Hallow made history when they made it to number 3 on the App Store beating out TikTok, Instagram, and many more!

We are especially excited to be able to launch this membership perk in time for you to join the Lent #Pray40 challenge, featuring amazing guests and focusing on Imitation of Christ. (You can learn more at Join 600k+ other praying together the #Pray40 challenge this Lent!

Click here for help with how to redeem promo code YCP2023 for 20% off a Hallow membership

Whole Heart Design

Whole Heart Design is a small Catholic art business wholeheartedly pursuing the good, true, and beautiful through art! Their prints focus on the Mass, Saints, and prayer. Whole Heart design is run by a FOCUS missionary, Lauren Hartman.

Save 20% with code SAVE20 until May 7th, 2023.

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