Bring YCP to Atlanta!

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Before YCP launches in any city, we ensure each chapter has the foundation and resources necessary to thrive for years to come within the local diocese. When enough interest for a YCP chapter is identified, local young professionals, seasoned supporters, diocesan contacts and/or religious work together as a “Chapter Growth Team” on a feasibility study for about a 2-3 month time period to confirm that there is a substantial need for YCP to launch programming locally. This is where your city is now in the process of starting a YCP chapter!

After the completion and approval of the feasibility study by YCP’s National Office, the opportunity to hold a more permanent position on the chapter’s volunteer leadership team or board of directors becomes available. Other key milestones the YCP Staff will assist you with include:

  • Receiving formal support from the local bishop
  • Attending virtual and in-person guidance sessions to prepare your chapter for a successful launch 
  • Fundraising to cover the initial investment made to launch the chapter and maintain top-notch chapter support. Donate here to support YCP Atlanta


If you want to stay in the loop as the chapter develops or if you’re interested in helping with the feasibility study please complete the form below.