Core Programming

YCP’s phenomenal programming is organized by two categories: 1) Core Programming, which is free and available to all members, and 2) Extended Programming, which is available to dues-paying members and further detailed below on this page.

Core Programming is the heart and soul of YCP; this is how our nation-wide movement began. These core programs are where members meet future employers and employees and establish solid friendships sure to last a lifetime. (Even a few marriages have emerged along the way!)

Don’t wait; your next boss, buddy or more could be at the next YCP event!

Executive Speaker Series

YCP's Executive Speaker Series is a monthly event hosted by each chapter, usually at a local parish hall. Program details may vary from chapter to chapter, but generally the evening begins with networking over light hors d'oeuvres and wine/beer. (Don't forget those business cards!) The local chapter president kicks off the program by introducing the keynote speaker, always an executive-level, Catholic professional. Speakers discuss their professional and faith journeys, practical ways to integrate faith into every day life, and renew the challenge to young professionals to 'Work in Witness for Christ!'

Networking Happy Hours

YCP Networking Happy Hours are held quarterly at some of the hottest bars and restaurants in each chapter’s respective area. The camaraderie is free; drinks are on the attendee! (Although we usually negotiate great specials for our groups.) These events are a fantastic opportunity for young Catholics to come together in a casual setting and build a sense of community. The energy is always upbeat, positive and most of all, supportive. This is where YCP members can connect with other like-minded, young, professional Catholics who have many similar experiences, both in the work place and personally.

St. Joseph the Worker Saturdays

YCP retreats, occurring biannually, encourage young adults to “look upon work with the eyes of faith” and see God’s presence in their vocations and professional lives. Retreats include time for guided reflection, group discussion, Confession and daily Mass. Retreats always include special time to reflect on the life of our YCP patron, Saint Joseph the Worker.

This is where young people learn how to integrate their spiritual and professional lives. This is where young, Catholic professionals strengthen their sense of community and support each other in their quest for holiness. This is where lives change!

Extended Programming and Benefits

Annual dues are $150 (only $12.50 a month and have an approximate $500 value. These dues include not only extended programming, but extended benefits as well.

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Executive Mentorship Program

Through YCP’s Executive Mentor Program, young professionals are paired with top-level executives working in similar fields. Mentors offer career guidance and share “best practices” for both faith and business. YCP mentors are the best of the best and they want to help prepare young Catholics for professional success!

Executive Panel Discussions

YCP Panel Discussions encourage focused conversation about living virtuously in the workplace. While it may sound like a tough, spiritual challenge day-in and day-out, one clergy member, two executives, and one panel moderator lead a Q&A discussion to help simplify the topic. They introduce a specific virtue and discuss ways to practice it in every day life. Table leaders help moderate a small-group discussion based on the executive presentation. A representative from each table then shares their collective insights with the broader audience. YCP members undoubtedly grow in their understanding of faith-in-action by participating in Panel Discussions.

Spiritual Guidance

Our spiritual guidance program helps young adults see God’s hand in their lives and careers. Through this program, young professionals easily connect with seasoned spiritual guides who help guide them to grow in faith.


What is Spiritual Guidance?

Spiritual guidance consists of meeting with an experienced guide to reflect on how God is present in a person’s life and how He may be calling him or her into deeper relationship. God is the Guide; the human guide serves as the vessel through which the Spirit works to uncover and discover the Divine at work in everyday experiences. 

Spiritual guides may be priests, deacons, religious, consecrated, or other knowledgeable lay persons.

The content of the guidance session is simply the life of the YCP member. It’s as simple or in-depth as the member wants to dive. Any perspectives, stories, or experiences he or she feels called to share are all viable platforms for discussion. The YCP member, the guide and the Holy Spirit meet in holy conversation so “you may have life and have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) And who wouldn’t want that!?

Above all, a spiritual guide listens and helps the individual become aware of the spiritual relationship he or she has or wants with God. Prayer is part of the session and a guide continues to hold his or her member accountable in prayer between sessions, an area where we can all can use a bit more accountability!

2020 Rome Pilgrimage

YCP pilgrimages provide an excellent opportunity for YCP members to build lasting relationships with fellow members from chapters nationwide, to explore their faith by opening their eyes to the beauty of Catholicism, and to grow as young professionals, appreciative of diverse cultures and experiences.

Kick off the 2020 Lenten Season in Rome with YCP and our pilgrimage chaplain Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM! Click Here to Learn More

Registration is still open with limited spots remaining! Download the registration form here or call 866-486-1420 for more information.

Discount on Annual Events

Dues-paying members will receive an exclusive discount on tickets to attend YCP's national events like the gala and Member Conference. See pictures from previous galas here and sign up for our 2018 Member Conference!

Career Services

YCP offers an array of additional career services to our dues-paying members. Career services include exclusive job leads via our Job Portal, exclusive networking opportunities (beyond monthly events), and career counseling.

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