Live and share your Catholic faith in the workplace—and find deeper friendships along the way!

Take the next steps toward your career goals in a way that doesn’t compromise your values.

Take the next steps toward your career goals in a way that doesn’t compromise your values.

Find a place where today’s saints-in-the-making encourage each other to offer their whole lives to God—inside and outside the office.

Discover the community, resources, and mentorship that you need to become the person God calls you to be.

Grow your skills and share what is most meaningful to you—your faith—with confidence and freedom in every aspect of your life.


Join with like-minded, mission-driven peers in their 20s and 30s to find God in all things and seek excellence and joy in every area of your life.





we inspire
modern-day saints

We equip young workers to take true ownership of their faith and work lives. We enable them to go forth as catalysts of personal excellence for all whom they meet.


Young Catholic workers need support to grow professionally as they witness the Truth authentically. Here are ways you can help!

Work one-on-one with young Catholic professionals to model the leadership skills that will help them bring new life to a marketplace starved for deep meaning and real purpose.

Help us keep young Catholics engaged in their faith while featuring your organization at both a local and national level.

Give a gift today to help us make a powerful impact on the lives of young people and the future of the Catholic Church.

The two things I like best about YCP is how it integrates faith with professionalism (hadn't seen that done well before) and how ridiculously well organized it is — especially on a national level. That takes real vision AND administration!

Nathan Magnusen

Corporate Leadership Development Consultant

Soon after I began my reversion to the faith, I found YCP. YCP has played such a crucial role in inspiring my own personal faith but also in seeking out fellowship in my community, seeking deeper friendships and relationships.

2022 Conference Attendee

YCP brings hope for instilling virtue into our day to day work; in the littlest of our efforts.


YCP continually reminds me that with God as my center, I can do His will within all aspects of my life, especially as both a mother and a professional.


I was one of those people who hadn’t gone to Mass in literally over a decade. I showed up and it changed my life.


about us

We’re like you—people who have been restless and dissatisfied. We got past the distractions and built a community of like-minded peers who wanted more out of faith, life, and work.

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