Inspire and strengthen the next generation

Pay it Forward

In a marketplace that’s starved for deep meaning and real purpose, it’s more important than ever to help young workers to excel at work while becoming confident leaders in the Catholic community. As an Executive Mentor, you can do just that.

Our Executive Mentors work one-on-one with YCP members to encourage Catholic identity in the workplace, to inspire them to grow in their faith, and to assist them in their career development. You and your mentee will connect through our online platform and access tools to help you journey together in a rich, productive way. 

Your impact will extend beyond your mentee as you also help develop a stronger local business community and service-oriented culture. If a mentorship opportunity sounds right for you, click below to apply!

Help Form Modern-day Saints

Does your leadership style thrive in front of an audience? Then consider becoming an Executive Speaker!

Each chapter hosts a dynamic Executive Speaker Series, typically once per quarter. At these events, experienced Catholic professionals offer a vibrant, engaging talk that provides professional tips, practical ways to live our faith in the workplace, and direct challenges on how we can make a difference as Catholics.

Click below to request a speaking opportunity in your area!

bring your whole company

If you’re looking for an organizational rather than personal opportunity to support our work, then please consider joining us as a mission partner! 

Our partners sponsor our local and national events, offer exclusive discounts to our members, post their company’s open positions to our internal job board, and more. 

Click below to learn if this opportunity is right for your organization!

Lay a Cornerstone

Another way to build the future of YCP—and the Church—is to make a financial contribution. Click below to explore all giving opportunities!

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