giving back

What are you supporting when you donate to YCP? Community.

YCP has allowed me to grow confident to carry the cross of Christ and not be afraid to share the glory of God.

I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to hear from seasoned professionals who have lived faithfully in the midst of life. It's good exposure for me and gives me great ideas for how to do the same.

Beyond words. YCP has given me great friendships, spiritual formation, pulled out my strengths and giftedness and has taught me what it means to be a servant leader.

Attending YCP events convinced me of the value of working to earn glory for God, not for myself.

The enthusiasm for the Catholic Church that is reflected in the activities of YCP is contagious.

I was one of those people who hadn’t gone to Mass in literally over a decade. I showed up and it changed my life.

YCP continually reminds me that with God as my center, I can do His will within all aspects of my life, especially as both a mother and a professional.

I thank God every day for the spirituality, people, and community involvement that YCP has brought into my life.

Young Catholic Professionals has COMPLETELY changed how I look at my work and my life. Your 20s and 30s can be a confusing and lonely time… but they don’t have to be.

Beautiful to have instant family in new cities, we are truly a national ministry!

The vibrant network we have with YCP is truly valuable and has reminded me that we are not alone in our commitment to Work in Witness for Christ!

YCP brings hope for instilling virtue into our day to day work; in the littlest of our efforts.

YCP has given me a reliable community and network grounded in shared faith, values, and purpose.

Come share in the Body of Christ in a vibrant and engaging community.

St. Joseph the Worker Legacy Society

St. Joseph the Worker Legacy Society honors the individuals and families who have made long term commitments to Young Catholic Professionals through planned gifts such as bequests or beneficiary designations for retirement plans.

You have many choices for how you designate your planned gift. For example, you can make your gift to The Catholic Foundation for the benefit of the Young Catholic Professionals Endowment Fund. You can give to the organization directly. Or you can establish your own endowment to support a specific need at Young Catholic Professionals.

If you have already arranged for a gift from your own estate or retirement plan for the benefit of Young Catholic Professionals and want to be part of our Legacy Society, please click below to contact us.

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Online Catholic Will preparation:
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