YCP Announces Partnership with Mission Advantage Recruiting

Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Mission Advantage Recruiting. YCP’s broad network is home to a diverse talent pool of young Catholic workers, many of whom may be seeking opportunities to work for organizations with strong missions that align with their values. As YCP’s official recruiting partner for Catholic employment opportunities, Mission Advantage will act as a conduit to bring YCP members and volunteers in touch with mission-driven organizations. Through this partnership, YCP members and volunteers will gain access to job opportunities that leverage their unique interests, goals, and skill sets and simultaneously allow them to contribute meaningfully to missions that matter. Some of Mission Advantage's specific opportunities are listed below, and more will be provided to YCP Members soon!

Editor In Chief, National Catholic Register – Washington DC

Director of Content Strategy, Catholic University – Washington DC

Executive Director, Mary’s Meals USA – Remote

Outreach Director, Women’s Care Center – Chicago, IL

To inquire, please contact Will Panagakos at wpanagakos@missionadv.org

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