YCP at the Heroic Men Summit

Young Catholic Professionals is partnering with the Heroic Men Summit to highlight the spiritual significance of work. The 2023 Heroic Men Summit: The Gospel of Work, is a virtual conference unpacking the practicals of how to rise above the daily grind and actually flourish, not just survive.


YCP’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Blute, will be featured as a bonus speaker directly after the conference speaking on the wisdom of St. Josemaría Escrivà and the 2024 YCP National Conference: Workers in the Vineyard.


“In St. Josemaria we find a man zealously committed to both his work and his path to Heaven. In fact, his work was his path to Heaven, and he helped thousands of others make this transformation as well. Who better for us to learn from as men of faith striving to provide for our families and become modern-day saints with them!”

- Peter Blute, YCP Chief Operating Officer


Register here to join the Heroic Men Summit on Saturday, September 9, from 11am-1pm CDT!

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