YCP Partners with Tepeyac Leadership Initiative

YCP is joining forces with Tepeyac Leadership Initiative (TLI) in an innovative partnership, striving to bring young professionals the best formation and support as they navigate their Catholic faith in the secular world.

Tepeyac Leadership Initiative is a 5 month leadership program educating participants in the core teachings of the Catholic Church and their practical application in the real world. Over the course of 18 weekly sessions, TLI participants receive human, professional, and spiritual formation through expertise from contemporary Catholic leaders and intense collaborative study alongside fellow emergent professionals. The program is designed to be a catalyst for development, seeking to bring purpose and joy back into the careers of Catholic lay people, and shape them into virtuous leaders furthering the mission of the Church.

At its heart, YCP has always sought to serve young adults by connecting Catholic communities, providing professional development, and sharing insight about the integration of faith in the workplace. Through this partnership, YCP Belong members will now be eligible to further deepen this formation with TLI at a discounted rate. YCP Chapter leaders will also have access to some scholarship opportunities for the program. Visit their website, linked below, for more information.

Tepeyac Leadership Initiative: https://tliprogram.org/

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