Join our nationwide family of young Catholics who are passionate about the Faith and desire to be the next generation of Catholic leaders!

The Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) National Office, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, works with local contacts to launch YCP chapters in their city and ensure the highest quality of programming for young professionals. The YCP Staff offers ongoing support to launch and grow a chapter that can thrive for years to come through training, improving existing program and developing additional programs and content, the sharing of best practices, making introductions, providing legal structure, branding, website and database management, and more!

“After hearing about YCP, I knew my heart was on fire for this mission and that I wanted to be a part of the team to bring this to my city...The YCP Staff walked us through each step of the process and supported our chapter to fruition. I felt as if they were in the office cheering "YCP Orlando" as we both celebrated the completion of each milestone. Their personal interest in the establishment and progress of our chapter made this process not only engaging but also truly a team effort.” - Anne Olszewski, YCP Orlando Founding Chapter President

During the process of developing a new chapter, the YCP Staff guides you each step of the way based on nearly a decade of experience establishing local YCP communities. Key milestones include: completing your initial “chapter feasibility study” and receiving approval from the Staff, finalizing a leadership team & board of directors, and attending virtual and in-person guidance sessions to prepare your chapter for launch. To see a list of current chapter feasibility studies underway click here.

Similar to the groundwork accomplished before a company opens a store in a new city, YCP works with an initial local “Chapter Growth Team” on a feasibility study to ensure there is a substantial need and interest from young professionals and seasoned supporters within your local diocese. This helps us to form chapters that will last for years to come. YCP seeks support and team members from:

Prior to launch, YCP requests a letter of invitation from your bishop granting permission for the chapter’s development within the diocese. Chapter teams are encouraged to maintain strong, collaborative, and trusted partnerships with diocesan and parish leaders through coordination of event schedules, sharing speaker resources, promotion of events, etc. Each chapter also works with a local chaplain whose role is to shepherd the volunteers and members through spiritual guidance, offering the sacraments, and more.

Young professionals will work with the YCP Staff and the rest of the Chapter Growth Team to complete a feasibility study, which confirms the need for YCP and availability of resources to make it happen. As the chapter’s development progresses there will then be the opportunity to apply for more permanent volunteer leadership positions with the chapter.

Young professional volunteers are the backbone of a YCP chapter. They deploy financial resources, network with high-level executives, and rally a diverse set of skills to achieve challenging goals and bring young people to Christ through exceptional YCP programming.

A successful chapter builds relationships with seasoned supporters who bring professional experience to strengthen the chapter and ensure high-quality programming. Chapters rely on local Catholic business leaders to become its board members, mentors, speakers, and connectors to local businesses and parishes.

As part of the feasibility study, some of these supporters can help with fundraising to cover the initial investment made by YCP’s National Office to launch the chapter. This helps YCP maintain top-notch chapter support and ensure the quality of this growing apostolate.

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