Thank you for your interest in bringing a Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) chapter to your city!

YCP is one of the nation's fastest-growing Catholic organizations, proving the need for this vibrant community for young people! We have YCP chapters in 11+ states across the U.S., and relationships with Catholic executives and young professionals in more than 50 cities around the world. We. Are. Growing!

Chapters are supported by the YCP Staff, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. YCP’s structure naturally creates an active network across the country, similar to a college alumni network. We have everything you need to successfully bring this apostolate to your city!

“YCP is an amazing organization and the support of the YCP Staff was tremendous in our chapter's formation. It was great knowing we had access to so many resources!” - Ryne Bessmer, YCP Omaha Leader
  1. Why help start a chapter?

    • Encourage the next generation of young professionals to renew the Church's presence and witness in society
    • Grow your Catholic network by engaging with board members, leaders, speakers, and mentors from chapters across the nation
    • Develop management and leadership skills that are invaluable in the marketplace
  2. What does the process look like to start a new chapter?

  3. Interested? What happens during the “Gather Resources” phase?

    You will work closely with the YCP Staff to request a written endorsement from your bishop in support of YCP launching in your city. If you work for the diocese or have strong relationships there, this is where you can be of the most help!

    It helps if the bishop is introduced to the ministry through one of his trusted advisors (perhaps the director of young adult ministry, etc.). Share with the bishop a formal request for endorsement (we have templates and supporting materials for you). Your bishop will enjoy learning how lean the chapter runs - and at NO cost to the diocese - and how many people your chapter can reach through its vibrant programming and events.

    Each YCP chapter is coached to work closely with the diocese so there is a clear collaborative and trusted friendship (no overlapping or duplicative events, generous support and promotion of diocesan and young adult initiatives, etc.). YCP chapters are in no way competitive with other young adult ministries and don’t take anything away from existing parish events. YCP simply caters to the young professional market in a new way that further enriches a young person and inspires them to be more engaged in the life of the Church.

    What is YCP’s target market?

    Young adults ages 20-39, single and married, in every professional industry (white-collar and blue-collar), at all stages of the faith journey.

    How does YCP maintain its mission integrity as a Catholic organization?

    YCP asks all of its chapter leadership, board members, chaplains, speakers,panelists, and mentors to sign a “Faithfulness to Church Teaching” agreement. Chapter leadership and board members also go through a rigorous application process with the YCP Staff to assess mission-fit. All chapters receive the formal endorsement of their bishop prior launch.

    What is YCP’s Threefold Purpose?
    1. Our ministry seeks to foster Catholic identity, so that young professionals understand their Catholic faith and are unafraid to share it in the public square.
    2. We strive to encourage community, so that young adults strengthen one another to live the teachings of our Catholic Church in their personal and professional lives.
    3. We want to inspire a call to action, so that young Catholics take personal responsibility for the challenge to reinvigorate our Church and our world.

    How does YCP reach young adults at all stages of the faith journey?

    YCP’s diverse programs are meant to draw in Catholics at every stage of the faith journey so they are:

    • Welcomed where they feel comfortable.
    • Inspired to grow deeper.
    • Empowered to act as ambassadors for Christ in all areas of their lives.

    YCP members already involved in parish life are encouraged to invite attendees who are new to their city, or new/returning to the faith, to check out Mass or a parish event with them. Click to learn more about YCP’s programming.

    How does YCP support the growth and health of parish and diocesan life?

    Participating in YCP should inspire professionals to become more involved in their parish and diocese. YCP Dallas, for instance, has helped increase the reach of 75+ local Catholic and non-profit organizations!

    YCP events feature “Community Tables” for any diocesan groups hoping to promote a particular event or initiative, and “Parish Ambassadors” are appointed to collaborate with each parish.

    How does a YCP chapter work closely with the diocesan young adult office and leadership?

    YCP chapters are trained to maintain a strong and supportive partnership with diocesan leaders: coordinating event schedules, sharing speaker resources, marketing each other’s events, etc. Chapter leaders are encouraged to meet with the bishop and young adult leadership regularly to maintain close communication.

    What are some of the ways YCP provides faith formation for its event attendees?
    • Reflecting on the life of YCP’s patron, St. Joseph the Worker, and praying for his intercession.
    • YCP Chaplains reflect on a specific chapter of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
    • YCP Chaplain’s “spiritually challenge” attendees (i.e. offer a prayer this week for a coworker in need, pray the Angelus once this week, join YCP’s weekly Wednesday St. Joseph the Worker prayer call, etc.).
    • Executive Speakers “spiritually challenge” attendees, especially in the workplace.
    • Executive Panel Discussions feature a specific virtue and a Q&A discussion about living virtuously in the workplace.

    It is important to receive 7+ chapter leadership applications reflecting a diversity of skillsets, in addition to finalizing at least 3 board members and your chaplain. These applicants will be reviewed by the YCP National Office before the leadership team is finalized. The main priority during this phase is to focus on finalizing the chapter leadership team with initial board members and chaplain, with the remaining board of director positions to follow later in the formation process.

    If you’re a young professional looking to spearhead a chapter in your city, this is where you can focus!

    Role: Chapter Leaders

    Chapter leaders sought should be devout young Catholics who are consummate professionals, humble servants, innovative problem-solvers, and passionate evangelizers. The leadership team consists of 7 volunteer positions held by young people in their 20s and 30s: including a chapter president and roles in marketing, technology, finance, operations, outreach, and evangelization.

    Chapter leaders make a direct impact on their peers and the life of the Church. They also receive numerous benefits which include private time with their local bishop, mentorship from chapter board members, exclusive access to executive speakers and mentors, incredible friendships formed with the other leaders, and development of management and leadership skills that are invaluable in the marketplace.

    A chapter leader offers anywhere from 3-10+ hours a week (unpaid volunteer work for the glory of God) in order to spearhead the efforts of the chapter. Please keep in mind the numerous support materials and services provided by the Staff!

    Chapter leaders report to their chapter board of directors, deploy financial resources, network with CEO’s and top notch executives, and rally a diverse set of skills to achieve challenging goals that bring young people to Christ!

    Identify Catholic universities and Catholic ministry centers at non-Catholic universities who will have terrific alumni who could be great leader candidates.

    Meet with pastors of dynamic parishes and ask them for permission to make a pulpit announcement explaining the opportunity to bring YCP to your city! (Note: this is easier when you have your bishop’s formal endorsement.)

    Attend young adult events in your diocese to network with young professionals who could be good candidates.

    Contact other local Catholic business organizationsto see if they can refer any young professional candidates.

    Attend secular young professional events in your city and wear a nametag saying “Looking for Young Catholic Leaders”. That should spur some good conversation! Who knows: maybe your role in this adventure is simply to grow in your ability to witness to the Faith!

    Role: Chapter Board of Directors
    Board members help ensure the integrity of our mission as well as serve the leadership team in an advisory capacity by sharing resources and mentorship.
    Ideal board members are devout Catholic executives who are experienced professionals, well-connected community leaders, humble servants, noble mentors, and passionate about young people and the propagation of the Faith. We typically look for 2-3 young professional board members (30-39 years old) and 6-7 "seasoned" Catholic board members (40+ years old).
    Board members are asked to commit approximately 1 hour per week, attend board meetings (once a quarter), attend chapter events, and personally contribute (or help to fundraise) annual board dues.

    This frees up the leaders to focus on excellence in programming, and spiritual and professional growth of their team and community in creative ways, rather than "beating-the-pavement" fundraising to simply keep the chapter afloat.

    Board Dues cover a majority of the chapter budget (typically $15k annually) - the chapter is thus financially "self-sustainable" from day one. This is huge for the chapter to start out cash-flow positive.

    *Board members can either pay board dues directly, through in-kind contributions, or can fundraise the dues among their network.

    Role: Chapter Chaplain

    The chaplain's main role is to shepherd the chapter leaders and board members, and the secondary role is to serve the YCP attendees. Chaplains provide spiritual guidance to foster greater commitment to prayer and the sacraments.

    Ideal chaplains are devout Catholic priests who are dynamic, youthful preachers. They have the time to commit to shepherding the volunteer leaders (helping to refuel their service flame!). These priests are also bold catechists unafraid to share the fullness of Church teaching with attendees in a way that is relatable and approachable.

    Role: YCP Staff

    The Staff exist to preserve and promote the YCP mission. They oversee training, development and implementation of each chapter throughout the country. Chapters rely on the YCP National Office for ongoing guidance, direction and support. Read more about the 4 primary roles of YCP National here.

    In order to maintain top-notch chapter support and ensure quality of this growing apostolate, the YCP Staff is expanding YCP at a prudent rate, ensuring the appropriate ratio of Staff members to each YCP chapter. Fundraising this $25k allows YCP to bring a chapter to your city sooner to meet the outpouring of interest world-wide.

    If you’re a potential board member or have strong relationships with professional Catholics in the area, this is where you can help!

    Each new chapter requires a sizeable amount of time and resources dedicated by the Staff. Here’s a breakdown of how the Staff invests in the first year of a chapter:

    Training & Resources - $18,000
    1. Significant staff time coaching and mentoring chapter team
    2. In-person training conference including travel, training binders, and other materials
    3. Technology systems purchase, setup, training, and ongoing support
    4. Legal formation and filing
    Chapter Launch phase - $7,000
    1. Staff time and training
    2. Staff travel to first two events
    3. Chapter startup materials provided

    Consider the following to get you started:

    • Family and friends you know from the local Catholic community
    • Parish bulletins – most bulletins have sponsors in the back, which is a great place to start for individuals and business who may be willing to donate
    • Parish priests – talk to priests you know about your intention to bring YCP to your city and ask for any references they could make to potential donors
    • Look for members of Catholic organizations in your city who might be interested in helping
    • Coordinate with the other approved chapter leaders to share your ideas and resources

    Yes, absolutely! The Staff has countless resources including presentations, bishop endorsements, testimonials from chapter leaders and members, and financial reports to help you explain YCP’s mission and growth aspirations to prospective donors. Once your fundraising efforts are underway we will be happy to provide any materials you need.

    Our Staff is eager to help you fundraise however possible, including meetings in your city. If you can help generate leads, identify prospective donors, and assist in setting up meetings and making introductions, we would be thrilled to come to your city and meet with prospective donors, or alternatively make phone calls. We realize that not every person is comfortable fundraising, so we’re happy to help wherever possible.

    The money should be sent to:

    Young Catholic Professionals
    6060 North Central Expressway, Suite 560
    Dallas, TX 75206

    The donation is tax-deductible. Donor intent is always honored, so if for some reason chapter formation does not come to pass, YCP National would reimburse the monies to the donor. Please note: these monies go towards the YCP National Staff expenses to train, launch, and support the chapter and are not intended to be passed on to the chapter.

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